Subscription Info

What is the subscription plan?

Fairfax Rescue is committed to providing quality, affordable emergency ambulance care as a service to all residents of the communities that we serve. The subscription plan was implemented to help off-set the rising out-of- pocket expense with EMS transport. With the typical cost associated with EMS transports averaging $800 - $1000 per response, the program limits any out-of-pocket EMS expenses to $65/year. This is a slight increase over previous years. For subscribers the single fee covers those living in the subscribed household. For those who subscribe, should you or any member of your household require our services you will be covered for the balance of your bill not paid by your insurance company. This could mean very significant savings for you as a subscriber.

Enrollment and renewal periods for the EMS Subscription Program run from July 1st – June 30th annually for the subsequent year regardless of when enrolled and is not valid for back dating.

This subscription program is an optional plan that is available to all residents who live within our service area.


  1. No out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance transported by Fairfax Rescue

  2. No transport limits per enrolled member

  3. Coverage for all eligible household members

Terms of Agreement

  1. This subscription is nonrefundable and nontransferable

  2. Violations of the terms of the agreement or false information entered on the subscription application may result in immediate cancellation of the subscription

Additional information

If anyone has any questions regarding the subscription plan, billing, joining rescue, or any other rescue related business, you are encouraged to call us during regular business hours, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,

6 AM to 6 PM at 849-2773. Please note that this is a non-emergency number. For any emergency please call 911. You may also contact us by email at